A young ethnic man is accused of murder and faces trail in Panchayat Regime of Nepal


A dramatic adaptation of the short story “Paribanda” (Circumstantial Evidence) written by Pushkar Shamser, the play Sarjamin blatantly effects of circumstantial evidence relied much by justice system of Panchyat regime of the then Nepal on laypersons; judicial structure eviscerated the rule of low as it was contaminated by power politics. It tells the story of an ethnic young guy, recently married to beautiful lass and his situation of being victimized because of the big political games and his own ‘fortune’. The play has been premiered in October 2015 in Kathamandu and further has been selected and performed in 4 major cities of Bangladesh in December 2015 as a part of International Theatre Festival.

Play Duration

60 minutes

Production Year



Praween Khatiwada


Sijan Dahal, Praween Khatiwada

Based On

Story titled - Paribanda by Pushkar Samsher