Manachinte Firante

A story of a field mouse who lives without any regrets and collects colours, rememberance, songs etc instead of grains and food.

Manachinte Firante

Manachinte Firante is Nepali adaption of the Italian children’s book “Frederick” written by Leo Lionni in 1967. This story book was named one of the “Top 100 Books for Children” by Italy’s National Education Association in 2007. The story focuses on the little field mouse Frederick, who prepares fairly different for the winter, than his friends. By collecting and later sharing sun rays, colors and words, Frederick teaches us that we do not only need food, clothes our housing, but also immaterial things, like community, harmony and kindness to get us through hard times. The play was produced as the opening play of Mandala’s mobile theatre bus Junkiri and had been staged in different earthquake affected communities in Kathmandu.

Play Duration

45 minutes

Production Year



Rajan Khatiwada


Som Nath Khanal, Viplob Pratik

Based On

Italian Children Book - Frederick