A youth from Dalit community has been murdered, but parties politicise his death. Journalists try to take advantage of the situation. Police are complicit with the political parties. Bishu’s friend knows the murderer, but the police conspire to frame himself to hide the culprit. A cruel face of society in the nexus of 3P- Press, Police and Politics.


Mahabhoj is a play adapted from the same-name novel written by Mannu Bhandari. It tells the story of a recently murdered young activist and how his murder gets politicized. The play portrays how seasonal politicians carefully play the game of politics amidst this murder – influence media and police in order to get favorable outcome. It shows cheap politicians using public sentiment to drive votes. Though written some 40 years ago in India, yet it feels more real and close resemblance with contemporary Nepali politics. In the very start of the play, Biseser, one of the villagers, referred to affectionately as Bisoo, has been found dead. The rest of the play deals with the politician’s attempts at finding out the murderer, while vying for the villagers’ votes.

Play Duration

140 minutes

Production Year



Anup Baral


Mannu Bhandari

Based On

Novel- Mahabhoj by Mannu Bhandari


Viplob Partik