An arrogant king wants to stand out in history, and is told he will do so only if his daughter makes a sketch of him. He imprisons her in a palace so that she can see no other man.


Jalini is a play based on the same-name short story from the book Kairan. Written in the form of folklore, the story attempts to trace how the imprisonment of women in homes leads to their subjugation, and secondary place in society. It is not just Jalini’s body that is confined, but her heart and mind as well. And this just to satisfy the whims of a king unhinged with power. Jalini is not just a princess but a symbol of womanhood, and you will have to go watch the play if you want to find out if she finally breaks out of her confinement.

Play Duration

75 minutes

Production Year



Dayahang Rai


Dhruba Satya Pariyar

Based On

Short story -Jalini by Dhruba Satya Pariyar