Ibsen Lab

Scenes from different Henrik Ibsen’s plays and amalgamatoion of the scenes with the real life predicaments of Nepalis, while sharing the theme of patriarchy.

Ibsen Lab

Based on different plays written by 20th century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, Mandala Theatre-Nepal had produced the play Ibsen Lab. The play compiled excerpts from Ibsen’s 6 acclaimed plays A Doll’s House, Lady from the Sea, The Master Builder, The Wild Duck, Ghosts and Hedda Gabbler. Ibsen Lab became the first batch production play of THEATRE LAB, Mandala Theatre’s short term theatre course. The play had been staged at Mandala Theatre in 2 rounds for 35 shows. In its second round of the show, the play’s title had been revised as ‘Prayogshala’ (meaning ‘Lab’ in Nepali).

Play Duration

90 minutes

Production Year



Rajan Khatiwada


Dramaturge: Samuna KC

Based On

Various plays of Henrik Ibsen


Pradip Kumar Chaudhary