Curly Hair

Adventures of Hetchhakuppa who learns from the nature and wisdom of the natural beings and travels in search of his sisters.

Curly Hair

The story of Curly Hair is based on the myth that is recited from the Mundhum (epic dealing with creation of man and elements in the Rai and Limbu communities of Nepal). It tells the story of a young boy who endeavours rescuing his sisters from the prison of an evil character named Hongrayo. Mandala had first prepared this play for young audiences and families. Supported by DANIDA, Mandala had collaborated with Denmark’s theatre group Passepartout Theatre Production, of which the play is an output. The play was taken out to a country tour in 15 different cities of Nepal where it had performed in schools and communities especially focusing on children and elder audiences. The play was also staged for common audiences in Kathmandu as a regular show.

Play Duration

45 minutes

Production Year



Dayahang Rai


Rajan Mukarung