Boksiko Ghar

A painful story of a woman who is labelled as “witch” by her community.

Boksiko Ghar

Boksiko Ghar is a solo play that focuses on issue of violence against women based on superstitious systems of witchcraft prevailed in Nepali society.
The play tells the story of a child (girl) who is married to a man, 24 years senior to her. Soon after their marriage, the girl is sent to her mother’s house to learn household chores. She is kept there until she reaches the age of 17. But then, her husband dies, while crossing a river. With his death, begins the girl’s miseries. She is repeatedly raped by her father-in-law. And then she is labeled a witch. The play had been performed in different festivals of Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.

Play Duration

60 minutes

Production Year



Sukakshan Bharati


Sulakshan Bharati