Bhagwat Tole Ma Bholaram

Flashback of a dead poet about how he had to die because of multiple remedies for his small disease.

Bhagwat Tole Ma Bholaram

Bhagwat Tolma Bholaram, the play satires on the human tendency of engaging with other’s affairs unnecessarily. It particularly focuses around the people who are experts at advising people even though they themselves might not be aware of the repercussions of their advice. One such advice leads the main character of the play to death.
In the opening moments of the play, the audiences witness a deceased man, left unattended. Enter the ‘single-choric’ commentator, who says that one ought to go into flashback to know how all that came to happen. What ensues is the staging of the lead character’s life before he is dead.
The play’s title character, Bholaram, is a poet, who is affected by a minor health problem and fails getting the exact remedy while visiting so many ‘doctors’ because of the advices he got from others. Set in a middle class family from Kathmandu, the play provokes laughter in times and turns to a sad ending.

Play Duration

60 minutes

Production Year



Bijaya Bishfot Deuja


Bijay Bishfot Deuja