Vacancy for Project Coordinator

Mandala Theatre Nepal announces Vacancy for Project Coordinator. Please apply if you think you meet our eligibility criteria.

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Mandala Theatre Nepal announces Vacancy for Project Coordinator. Please apply if you think you meet our eligibility criteria.

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Explain about Mandala Theatre-Nepal

Mandala Theatre-Nepal is a theatre organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a group of young, enthusiastic, dedicated and diverse theatre artists. After long training and individual involvement in this field, Mandala Theatre-Nepal was formed to work together.

Mandala Theatre-Nepal is a registered company that delivers theatre productions and related services. It is also registered as a non-profit organization to serve its respective vision and mission for social responsibilities.

The advancement of theatrical arts is our commitment; the production of innovative and creative works of art is our goal. We have devoted ourselves to exploring, popularizing, and preserving the varieties of traditional and indigenous theatrical forms of our society, and we look ahead to work even more actively in the days ahead.

Our theatre is a strong voice for social justice, political awareness, and human rights. The driving spirit of Mandala is our people’s freedom and happiness. We want to develop a participatory and inclusive space open to various genres of literature and inalienably linked to theatre.

We are looking forward to hiring a personnel who is strongly capable to coordinate theatre projects relating with social transformation. We are seeking an enthusiast who can design concepts for theatre projects, develop proposals to earn the projects, implement the projects with systemic approaches and settle the projects with relevant reports.


(per month)

11Project CoordinatorLogistic management and coordination of Mandala’s projects (fund-based projects)Negotiable6 months


The position will start as soon as we get suitable candidate not later than July 2021, and the contract will be for 6 months (until December 2021). Mandala might renew the contract after 6 months if satisfactory service is provided. Please hand in a Cover Letter, CV, names and contact details of two referees, and if applicable reference letters from previous relevant job experiences via email: or as hard-copy at Mandala Theatre Nepal’s office in Anamnagar. The application can be in English or Nepali.

Please read below the detailed information about positions and do apply.

Deadline for application is the 2021 June 10.


  1. POSITION: Project Coordinator

WORK TYPE: Logistic management and coordination of Mandala’s projects

LOCATION: – Mandala Theatre – Nepal, Anamnagar, opposite of Singadurbar East Gate, Kathmandu, Nepal

DURATION: – Initial contract duration of six months (full time). Probation period is set for the initial three months. Potential to extend based on satisfactory performance.

Summary/objective of Position

Mandala Theatre-Nepal is running Mandala’s Drama School, a long theatre training for social transformation since 2020 November until December 2021. The personnel’s primary focus will be this program as this is the only fund-based program in Mandala. In recent time. But we are looking for a potential candidate who can further continue to work in Mandala beyond this project. The personnel in this position will be responsible for the coordination of Mandala Theatre-Nepal’s fund-based projects. It includes design, implementation and settlement of all the programs those are supported/funded by Mandala’s partners and different NGOs, INGOs. The personnel must develop and implement plans related with logistic management, communication and documentation related with the programs. For 2021, you will be mainly responsible for providing necessary support to mentors and teachers at Mandala’s Drama School. Your duties will include (but not limited to) implementation of planned activities, arrangements of logistics and coordination of classes.

Major Duties and Responsibilities for Mandala’ Drama School 2021

  • Coordinate with hotel/hostel for the arrangement of food and accommodation of the 16 students at Mandala’s Drama School,
  • Communicate with mentors, teachers and management to coordinate the necessary travel of students at Mandala’s Drama School
  • Handle the students’ insurance related works (collecting bills, submit to insurance company and refund process),
  • Look after the training materials and follow all procurement process (stationeries, teaching materials, first aid kit etc.),
  • Coordinate/communicate with teachers, prepare contracts and collect supporting documents as needed by management,
  • Text documentation of classes and activities in Mandala’s Drama School in close communication with mentors, teachers and students with the aim to contribute to developing a final teaching manual of Mandala’s Drama School,
  • Accompany the students, teachers and mentors of Mandala’s Drama School in different phases of the program such as trainings, field visits, performance tours, externship and final reflection, as requested,
  • Work in close communication with the Creative Director, National and International Peace Advisors and Arts Manager in scheduling the teaching content and productions,
  • Support providing English-Nepali-English translation during the classes by Non-Nepali language speaking teachers.

Other Responsibilities for Mandala Theatre-Nepal

  • Coordinate projects for Mandala
  • Support Mandala’s team in developing and implementing strategies, plans, and concepts to reach the organization’s vision,
  • Identify opportunities for grants and funding, develop proposals, approach and follow up for funding and prepare project reports,
  • Identify and conduct opportunities for professional and organizational development for Mandala Theatre-Nepal and its members,
  • Strengthen and connect with existing arts- and theatre networks and –organizations in- and outside of Nepal.


Skill, Qualification and Experience

  • Minimum of Bachelors’ Degree
  • Minimum of three year of work experience in relevant position.
  • Strong communication skills- written and verbal communication in both English and Nepali
  • In depth knowledge of office package in computer (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • In depth knowledge of project management policies
  • Empathetic, reflective and flexible attitudes
  • Ability and interest in writing concept note, proposal and reports
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Outstanding and analytical time management skill
  • Willingness to learn, share and work in a group of diverse members.
  • Willingness to work in different time set up (not sticked to work in regular office hours)
  • Work experience in any art organization (theatre, music, film) will be added advantage.

REPORTING: – The personnel will directly report to the Art Manager of Mandala Theatre-Nepal