Inside/Outside Part IV at Mandala Theatre

A collection of real-life experiences of ten years of conflict experienced by Nepalese, a sensory theatre performance where the audience will understand the stories through the five senses.
Starts on : July 7, 2022
Ends on : July 17, 2022
Event Type : Theatre

Inside/Outside Part IV at Mandala Theatre

INSIDE/OUTSIDE Part IV is a sensory theatre performance where the audience will understand the stories through the five senses. In a created space, the audience will travel with their political and social body along with their personal feelings. Where audiences will be encountered to the sensory objects, such as sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, balance, hunger, thirst, and so on, and interact with those objects and will get affected through the connection with their memory own life. It is an independent understanding that can vary from person to person. In this participatory performance, you will perform an expedition together with your own body, your heart, and your consciousness. That is why I call it the “art of self-realization.” Because the audience here seeks for themselves. These sensory objects affect everyone, but people are affected according to their abilities and background.

We have faced ten years of conflict. We lost our relatives, property, and nation’s wealth. The battle was over after the People’s Movement 62/63. Then, everyone dreamed of a bright future politically, socially, and economically. After the conflict, the country became Republic; new governments were formed and formed again and again. But our dreams remained unfulfilled. Dreams only linger in our minds.

Whether we like it or not, that conflict clings to us until our lives. We may have to get out of that suffering, but we cannot forget those days. We are now in 2079. It has been almost 16/17 years since the end of the conflict, but our dreams are still the same. Every moment we ask ourselves, when will our dreams come true?

Inside / Outside Part IV is a collection of real-life experiences of ten years of conflict experienced by Nepalese. To produce Inside / Outside part IV, Ram Hari Dhakal talked to many Nepalese, mainly Thawang’s people. He spent ten days at Thawang village in the Rolpa district and spoke to Thawang’s people about their experience in ten years-long conflicts. What stories and suffering they faced during the conflict Thawang’s people shared with him. Through their conversations, he collected internal and external emotions and effects created by war. Similarly, he talked to many other Nepalese about the psychological effects and difficulties of the ten-year conflict who are living in Norway now. Likewise, in the later phase, during the Covid pandemic, he listened to the views of many Nepalese about the conflict, the effects of the war, and the current political situation and consequences of living in Nepal. ​He has prepared this performance by combining many Nepalese personal life experiences and thoughts. It is a non-verbal experiment work. Hope! You like it and support us.


Concept and Design: Ram Hari Dhakal

Sound Design and Sensor: Aksel Høgenhaug

Flute: Prashanna Humagai

Stage Manager: Kedar Shrestha

Organized by: Mandala Theatre-Nepal

Supported by: Arts Council Norway


Special Thanks

Theater Mall, Keshab Raj Acharya, Surendra Thapaliya, Bharat Mani Poudel, Padam Joshi, Madhabi Bista, Pashupati Suwal, Shyam KC, Nirmala Bishwakarma, Carle Lange, Petter Width Kristiansen, Kamala Wasti, Sundhara KC, Lab Bahadur Roka Magar, Mul Jyoti Budha Magar, Tek Bahadur Nepali, Ajay Gharti Magar Resham Shah, Subas Pathak,  Maha Lakshmi Nepali, Dumbar Budha Magar, Hark Bahadur Roka Magar, Jeevan KC, Amar Singh Bista..

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July 7, 2022
4:00 PM


July 17, 2022
4:00 PM


Studio Theatre, Mandala Theatre, Thapagaun, New Baneshwor


Mandala Theatre-Nepal




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Event Duration

60 minutes

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7th- 17th July 2022

Studio Theatre of Mandala

Everyday at 5 pm (Except Mondays), Additional Show on Saturday at 1 pm and Sunday (17th July) at 2:30 pm

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On Media

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All DaysRs. 300
Only 15 audiences are allowed per show due to special requirement of the play.