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Sanjaya Bishawkarma

General Details

Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft. 9 inch.
Blood Group: A+
Address: Chulachuli-4, Illam
Contact No: (+977) 9825980201

Working as a theatre artist in Chulachuli Theatre, Illam, since 2013, a student of Mandala’s Drama School – First Batch.

Listen all philosophies, follow yours.
Lanugage Known: Nepali, English, Hindi
Skills: Acting, Cinematography (Photography/Videography), Editing, Direction
Education: +2 (Management)
Working Areas of Interest: Acting, Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Theatre
  • Video Editing Workshop (1 Week)
  • Theatre Workshops
  • Karate Training
Past Works:
  • Worked as an actor in Theatrical Plays (Devanshi Raja, Kipot, Mangena, Khaldo)
  • Worked as director in Theatrical Play (Mangali).
  • Worked as a cinematographer in Chulachuli Media.
  • Chulachuli Theatre, Illam
  • Mandala Theatre (As a student)

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