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Pradeep Dhungana

General Details

Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft. 11 inch.
Blood Group: A -
Address: Gaindakot - 9, Nawalpur
Contact No: (+977) 9842017350

A poet – one of the students of Mandala’s Drama school – First Batch 2077, working as a freelancer in Nepali Theatre since 2015.

Acceptance is the richest way to live life. Except writing poems - live poetry. Art never sleeps.
Lanugage Known: Nepali, Sanskrit, English, Hindi
Skills: Writing, Direction, Acting
Education: Bachelor's in Sanskrit Literature
Working Areas of Interest: Writing, Direction, Acting, Theatre, Social Transformation, Literature, Teaching
  • 15 Days Theatre Workshop of Sarwanaam Theatre in 2015.
  • Theatre For Social Transformation & Peace-building (1-year program) at Mandala's Drama School.
Past Works:
  • Theatre activist since 2015 AD
  • Writing, Direction, and Acting in several Theatrical plays.
  • Karmi Chautari, Chitwan
  • Arajak Akshar Samuha, Chitwan
  • Mandala Theatre (As a student)

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