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Head-shot of Pasang Lhamu Sherpa

Pasang Lamu Sherpa

General Details

Gender: Female
Height: 4 ft. 10 inch.
Blood Group: A+
Address: Maiwakhola-4, Taplejung
Contact No: +977 9804906570

A sport enthusiast-Karate Player-Theatre Artist and aspiring singer.

No matter what, never forget your own ground.
Lanugage Known: Nepali, Sherpa, Hindi, English
Skills: Singing, Acting, Knitting, Writing, Direction, Karate, Leadership, Farming
Education: SEE
Working Areas of Interest: Theatre (Acting, Direction, Writing), Singing, Sports (Karate, Running, Volleyball, Badminton), Set and Props Making, Doll Making, Agriculture
  • Trainee at Mandala Theatre’s Drama School, program entitled Theatre for Social Change, Peace Building and Conflict Transformation
  • Theatre training at Kadam Theatre, Jhapa-Damak, Nepal
  • Running training (7 days)
  • Karate training at Damak Dozo training Centre
  • Doll making training at Damak Disable Committee
Past Works:
  • Worked as a Doll Making Trainer for underprivileged Women Damak Disable Committee
  •  Worked as Professional Karate Trainer at Damak Dojo Training Centre
  • Mandala Theatre (As a student)
  • Damak Theatre, Kadam (As an artist)
  • Damak Karate-Dozo Mahasangh (As a Karate Player)
  • Taplejung Karate-Dozo Sangh (As Karate Player & Trainer)

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