Story of a rebellious woman who runs the city’s first ladies corner that also has some reserved seat for gentlemen.


Yuma, the directional debut of acclaimed theatre and film actress Srijana Subba, showcases the daily realities of women’s lives in Nepal. The play brings to light the plight of the wives of migrant workers, and draws attention to the oft-suppressed realities of domestic violence and slavery.
Yuma is the ancestral goddess, the ever-powerful and nurturing mother of the universe and the teacher of civilisation, who was a rebel according to Limbu mythology of Mundhum. In a male-dominated world where women are relegated to the back seat, she represents the power of everyday women. In the play, the audience encounters women who seek and finally find their individual identities and freedom in spheres where patriarchy reigns.
Yuma, the play tells the story of a wife and a mother struggling to come to terms with accusations and abuse from her suspicious and controlling husband who is employed abroad. She yearns to escape from his stifling and relentless dominance over her, but is initially too meek to take the first step.

Play Duration

90 minutes

Production Year



Srijana Subba


Yug Pathak