People make a strong government thinking that it will make their lives easier, but the very government puts their freedom at stake. A sharp reflection on practices of democracy.


Yojanapark is a play based on FA Hayek’s work ‘The Road to Serfdom’. ‘The Road to Serfdom’ is a political book, first published in 1944 and has its central argument extracted from the article “Freedom and the Economic System” which was first published in Contemporary Issue 1938. In 1950s, the book had sparked a huge political-economic debate that paved way for the number of reforms for the development in western countries. The play had been adapted into the Nepali context and produced in collaboration with Sambriddhi Foundation, a group of think-tanks from Nepal.

Play Duration

70 minutes

Production Year



Buddhi Tamang


Suresh Sapkota

Based On

FA Hayek's work 'The Road to Serfdom'.