The Ugly Duckling

Journey of an abandoned duckling to find his self and his experiences in the world of intolerance and racism.

The Ugly Duckling

“The Ugly Duckling tells the story of a bird who suffers abuse but is able to get mysterious transformation, despite all odds. Originally penned by a Danish author, the play was first published in 1843. It is a story of an ugly duckling transformed into a beautiful swan. The ugly duckling goes through many hardships and faces discrimination from his own community. But with a glimmer of hope and self-belief, he holds and pushes himself toward his days of glory. The Nepali production of the play uses aspects of modern theater to narrate the story. It has minimal dialogues and the characters tell the story through the form of dance and music. The dance forms employed include ballet as well as eastern classical dance.

Play Duration

50 minutes

Production Year



Mohamad Najir Husen


Hans Christian Anderson

Based On

Short story by Hans Christian Anderson