Swan Lake

The most loved and mesmerizing of classical ballet, a timeless love-story that mixes up magic, tragedy and romance.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is the Nepalii rendition of the same-name classic ballet. Joint production of Mandala Theatre and Angels Crew, a dance troupe from Nepal, it tells the story of human emtions through portraying characters as birds. An innocent and dainty swan queen who is torn between her feelings for two prince brothers-the Black Swan and the White Swan. As characterised by their colours, the black swan, the younger of the two, is ambitious and arrogant while his elder brother’s gentle and kind nature makes him the more beloved one. The queen tiptoes between them as she tries to figure out exactly who she truly loves. Since this is the world’s most famous ballet, you already know the tragic ending.

Play Duration

50 minutes

Production Year



Mohamad Najir Husen/ Namrata KC


Namrata KC

Based On

Classic Ballet - Swan Lake