Sakeko Tiraula Natra Firima

The public backlash against rising price in a form of comedy.

Sakeko Tiraula Natra Firima

Sakeko Tiraula, Natra Firima is Nepali adaptation of the acclaimed wild-farce ‘Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!’ by Italian playwright and director Dario For. Written in the mid-1970s ‘Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!’ focuses on the problems of economic crisis and job redundancies. The play centers on a spontaneous demonstration by housewives against rising prices at the local supermarket. Crazy disasters pile on top of each other as two of them try to cope with the results of their own actions – without telling their husbands what they have been up to.

Play Duration

90 minutes

Production Year



Bikash Joshi


Dario Fo


Bikash Joshi