…Ra Maailo

A messed-up day of an author, a tragedy yet a farce!

…Ra Maailo

…Ra Maailo is an adaptation of the French comedy Episode in the Life of an Author by Jean Anoillh. The original play is a remarkable play belonging to ‘The Theatre of Absurd’ and a very good example of a low grade comedy otherwise called ‘Farce’. It deals with the theme of helplessness and confusion of human beings in the modern world. The whole play appears to be full with disorder, chaos and illogical sequence of events upon which none has any control. The protagonist (the author) himself is deep in troubles from various angles. And to worsen the matter further all other characters come to seek solace and solution to their problems from the author. They all appear to be very much dependent on the author they all want the author to solve their problems and troubles.

Play Duration

90 minutes

Production Year



Som Nath Khanal


Jean Anouilh


Som Nath Khanal