Jumping Frog

A scared frog is rescued by a lady from the enemies and from his own fears. A cute lovestory with mask, puupet and music!

Jumping Frog

Jumping Frog is a devised play using mask, puppets and music as its key elements. Joint production of Mandala Theatre-Nepal and Barulaaz: Gangs of Performers, Jumping Frog tells the romantic love story of a frog. A young frog is escaped from his locality as he has life- threatened attack by a crane. Rescued by a lady frog, he falls in love with her. The lady frog is already engaged with someone else. The play portrays the struggles of the frog to get his love despite of mental/physical and social crisis he has been facing. The play shows its concern to the global warming and its effect to nature through the perspective of a frog.

Play Duration

60 minutes

Production Year



Sajan Thapa Magar


(Devised performance)