Juli Maiya

A strong-willed young lady who is taught to ‘think and act like a man’ falls for her servant who convinces her that only way to escape her predicament is to kill herself.

Juli Maiya

Juli Maiya is the Nepali rendition of Miss Julie, a world-famous play written by August Strindberg in 1988. The play portrays a character of an aristrocratice young girl who is confused of her feeling of possessions and ultimate emotions. Her actions are motivated by a range of factors and influences such as her class, her desires and impulsive nature, her father, and the dynamic traumas of her family histories. The play had been adapted into the Nepali context to stage for audiences in Kathmandu. Later, the play had been taken as a part of Mandala’s first Mobile Theatre Tour in 2010 to different cities of Nepal.

Play Duration

75 minutes

Production Year



Rajan Khatiwada


August Strindberg


Samuna KC