Commentary of a fiction designer explaining the process of his latest enigmatic work which tells the story of a victim of brutal conflict.


The play Jhyalincha is based on a short-story written by Kumar Nagarkoti, one of the eminent writers of our time. It tells the story of a forcedly disappeared young girl through a paranoidic perspective of a fiction writer. HASABIRA, a writer cherished by everyone, resides in the city. The latest novel HASABIRA has written, JHYALINCHA (Dragonfly), has recently hit the market; and the play starts with an ongoing interaction program about the novel. The play has been premiered through a commemoration ceremony of International Day of the Disappeared held in Kathmandu in 30th August 2017.

Play Duration

50 minutes

Production Year



Dayahang Rai


Kumar Nagarkoti

Based On

Short story -Jhyalincha by Kumar Nagarkoti