Idamittham: At Your Own Risk

A series of monologues by an old poet, a victim of conflict.

Idamittham: At Your Own Risk

Time is interchangeable. So is this world. Our society today is where it is by accepting the series of these social and political changes. However, not everybody agrees to these changes. Some may disagree with the politics of changes as well as political changes. “Idamittham” written by Sarubhakta is also based on similar changes. This play was written nearly 25 years ago. The play portrays the then political incidents from the perspective of one man. The play “Idamittham – at your own risk” is based on Sarubhakta’s play. This play also reviews the ongoing political process from the perspective of a man who himself is a victim of decade long conflict.

Play Duration

65 minutes

Production Year



Som Nath Khanal