The story of the First man in world according to Kirat Mythology


Hetchhakuppa is a dramatic rendition of a famous folk tale prevailed in indeginious Kirat community in Nepal. As per Kiranti tradition, all rituals—starting from birth until death—are considered incomplete unless the stories of Hetchhakuppa are narrated.These stories are collected in their holy scripture Mundhum, which is not available in written from, but has been passed on orally from one generation to the next. Directional debut of Pashupati Rai, one of the finest theatre artists from Nepal, the play had been designed in more musical and rhythmic style. The play has been a landmark in bringing stories from indeginious community to the theatre stage in Nepal.

Play Duration

70 minutes

Production Year



Pashupati Rai


Rajan Mukarung

Based On

Kirat Mythology