Andho Yug

Excerpts from the epic Mahabharata where Sanjay tells the story of Mega war taking place at Kuruchetra to the King Dhritarastra.

Andho Yug

Andha Yug is a 1954 verse
play written in Hindi, is recognized as the “play that heralded a new era in Indian theatre”. It is regarded the first important play of 20th century India. Set in the last day of the Great Mahabharat war, the five-act tragedy was written in the years following the 1947 partition of India atrocities, as allegory to its destruction of human lives and ethical values. It is a metaphoric meditation on the politics of violence and aggressive selfhood and that war dehumanized individuals and society. Thus both the victor and the vanquished lose eventually. Though written in India many years ago, it is of high relevance to Nepal’s contemporary socio-political scene. The play is the fifth batch student production of Mandala’s theatre course Theatre Lab.

Play Duration

100 minutes

Production Year



Dipal Baral (Narendra)


Dharmaveer Bharati


Rajendra Salabh