Mandala Drama School participating at 5th ATTF at Colombo

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Mandala Theatre-Nepal is invited to participate in the upcoming 5th Academic Thespians Theatre Festival (ATTF) 2023 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, scheduled from 22-28 July, 2023. For this a crew of 12 participants from Mandala is travelling to Colombo on 21st July 2023.

Mandala Theatre-Nepal is invited to perform a theatre production and to conduct a workshop on peacebuilding tools using theatre methods. Graduates from Mandala Drama School first batch have prepared the play Wounds of War 2.0 under the writing and direction of Pradeep Anjan to perform at the festival on 24th July 2023 at Panibharatha Theatre. Mandala Drama School’s Academic Director Som Nath Khanal together with Mandala’s peace advisor Trilok Sharma and students will facilitate a one day long theatre workshop during the festival. The rest travelling crew consists Mandala’s technical designer Umesh Tamang together with 9 graduates from Mandala Drama School 1st batch. Travelling graduates are Pradeep Dhungana, Sanjay Bishwakarma, Aaditya Mishra, Susmita Pokhrel, Anil Kurmie, Sumitra Pehim, Niraj Babu Chaudhary, Sarita Kathayat and Akash Nepali.

Mandala Drama School participating at 5th ATTF at Colombo 1Mandala Drama School participating at 5th ATTF at Colombo 2

The ATTF is a prestigious international theatre festival that showcases the work of student theatre groups from around the world organized by the Academic Thespians Students Organization and the Department of Theatre Ballet and Modern Dance, Faculty of Dance and Drama, University of Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA) Colombo, Sri Lanka.

To know in details about ATTF, please visit the festival website by clicking link:

Mandala is supported by its peacebuilding partner GIZ-ZFD for two ways air tickets for this participation.