Final participants list for Mandala Drama School- 2nd Batch

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Mandala Theatre-Nepal publishes the final participant list of Mandala Drama School 2nd batch. After a rigorous selection process including application form review, orientation workshop, physical audition and interview, Mandala has selected 12 applicants out of 105 application entries from all over the country.

The selected participants will be provided with an opportunity to get a one year full-time residential course to develop their career as theatre artists and teachers. The central aim of the course is to prepare sincere theatre practitioners and teachers having special focus on theatre’s capacity to transform society with a non-violent and artistic approach.

The training is a fully-funded opportunity for its final participants. All the selected students will be provided with a scholarship that contains tuition fees, food and accommodation, required materials, field visit costs, and performance payment. They will be taken through extensive sessions of theoretical and practical processes that support their peer learning in one of the most fun ways.

The training will be started from 16th July 2023.

Brief Overview:

  • 1-year long course, residential training at Mandala, scholarship provided for 12 students
  • Major focus on 5 theatre subjects throughout the course- 1. Acting, Design and Direction 2. Production and Management 3. Practices and Pedagogies for Peacebuilding 4. History, Theory and Criticism 5. Ethnology and Performance Research (as the final thesis assignment)
  • 5 days (Sunday-Thursday) regular class for 4 subjects
  • 1 day (Friday) seminar class for 5th subject & guest lecture. Saturday off. Festivals and others leave according to drama school’s calendar.

The whole course is segmented in 3 trimesters. Opportunities for performances and field visits in each trimester.Final participants list for Mandala Drama School- 2nd Batch 1