Starts on : April 28, 2023
Ends on : May 7, 2023
Event Type : Theatre


Every female has a different story to narrate, but somehow few stanzas of every story are
related to one another. Stories written and narrated till today have always depicted women from
a patriarchal standpoint and that shows the reflection of society. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a
story where the characters look, act and feel like someone anyone can see themselves in, and
tell the story where not everyone needs someone else to come and save them from the terrors
in life, rather the person themselves takes action.

Joon is a story about the character Joon, who walks through her phases in life of joy, sadness,
hardships and anger. She does not wait for a typical prince on a white horse to come save her,
but rather she does what every real woman would do, take her problems head on. Joon is a
step towards reinterpreting folk tales with diverse and inclusive characters by recreating the
world where narration of women’s stories is given a fresh and contemporary perspective.

The story does have familiar characters and they play familiar roles, but the difference is how
behave and interact. Joon is a Shequal Foundation and Aesthetic Dance Studio’s collaborative
effort to using art as a tool for raising awareness and advocacy to build community, inspire
social change, and provide healing for those impacted.

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April 28, 2023


May 7, 2023


Mandala Theatre


Shequal Foundation and Aesthetic Dance Studio




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