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Sumitra Pehim

General Details

Gender: Female
Height: 5ft. 1 inch.
Blood Group: B+
Address: Madhumalla, Morang
Contact No: (+977) 9824068789

A theatre artist, who believes in the transformation for which I am working. And this is a passion which is a life-long process.

Look at yourself first, before looking at others.
Lanugage Known: Nepali, English, Hindi, slight culture languages
Skills: Acting, Writing, Direction, Sound Designing, Leadership Skill, Dance
Education: Bachelor's in Arts (Psychology+English)
Working Areas of Interest: Dance, Theatre, Research, Plantation, Animal Husbandry
  • Training for organic agriculture in 2019
  • Theatre Workshop in 2020
  • Training for Leadership
  • Motivation Training on Mental Health
  • Mandala's Drama School - First Batch
Past Works:
  • Working as a volunteer in Youth For Blood.
  • Worked as a volunteer in Red Cross Society.
  • Worked as a social activist for Youth Network.
  • Youth For Blood (As a volunteer)
  • Youth Network
  • Kadam Theatre (a board member)
  • Mandala Theatre (as a student)

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