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Hang-O-Hang Rai

General Details

Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft. 4 inch.
Blood Group: A+
Address: Temkeymanung-5, Bhojpur
Contact No: (+977) 9819041231/9816343646

An aspiring theatre artist, looking forward to contributing to Rural Theatre by producing theatre enthusiasts.

The world is mine, until I'm mine.
Lanugage Known: Nepali
Skills: Sports, Singing, Dancing, Acting
Education: SLC
Working Areas of Interest: Theatre & Sport
  • JTA (Bharatpur Nepal Polytechnic Institute
  • Football Training (RESA, Bhojpur)
  • Drama Training (Mandala's Drama School)
Past Works:
  • Organized and played in several sports
  • Performed in stage shows.
  • Worked as Vetnery Doctor
  • Rimachong Education & Sport Academy, Bhojpur
  • SPN Sport Academy, Temkemayung Gaunpalika-5
  • Mandala Theatre (As a student)

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