The 15 selected theatre managers will be invited to an orientation session together with their theatre group leader (creative head) for initial two days. 2 more candidates who are working as freelancer manager and are interested in working with theatre sector also will be invited as participants. After the orientation, only the managers will proceed with the 5 days long workshop where they will be provided with the context and theory of art management.

The workshop will provide a space for different theatre group, their managers and freelancers to discuss and develop possibilities and strategies for strengthening efforts, collaboration and coordination to develop a systemic management of art related activities. It will also be helpful in resolving tensions between creative and management sector of art related organizations.

Requirements for candidate managers:

  • Actively working in management sector of any theatre organization from Nepal (not the leader)
  • Vision to develop and apply creative management process which also respects artists and team
  • Strong dedication to art management work
  • Willingness to reflect and analyze oneself, one's work and society for learning
  • Active participation throughout the workshop/Willing and able to join full time
  • Willingness to manage/coordinate at least one theatre production based on the workshop's learning.

To Apply:

  • Fill out application form and sign terms of participation(can be accessed online or taken from Mandala, for group/people outside of KTM without internet-access please call Mandala how to get the form)
  • Portfolio of Group and applying Group Manager (e.g. a detailed resume)
  •  Hand in the application form, signed terms of participation and portfolio via email or directly at Mandala no later than the evening of 21st July, 2018 (later applications will not be considered!)
  • A Selection Committee will make a selection of candidate managers based on their resume.
  • Selected Candidate Managers should bring their group leaders (creative heads) to attend a 2 days orientation in the beginning of the workshop.
  • Selected candidates from out-side of Kathmandu will get the food, accommodation and travel cost from the organizers.
  • You will receive confirmation of your participation by 25th July, 2018.
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