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Mandala Theatre-Nepal announces for the form distribution of THEATRE LAB 6, a short term theatre course for interested theatre learners. The course, this time, will be carried out with a three month long and intensive training plus workshops upon basic principles and practices of theatre. The class will be started from the first week of Mangshir 2074 BS (third week of November 2017). Being initiated by professional and expert theatre persons, the class will allow at most 20 participants to learn theatre through this session. The lab will produce at least a play by the end of program. It’s a production oriented three month acting course.

10% of total participants will be provided with 50% scholarship. People with disabilities, ethnic minorities, women and other groups who face marginalization in Nepal’s society will be given preference to candidates of privileged communities with the same skills.

For More information and application forms, Please contact Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar. You can talk to Mr. Pradeep Kumar Chaudhary, Coordiantor of Theatre Lab Program at 9860765125 or Ms. Nabina Aryal, Head of Management at 014249761.


Though THEATRE LAB is a short term theatre training course for novice theatre artists, it had been launched as the group practice among enthusiast theatre learners and artists for the first time in 2012 by Mandala. A random group of 35 art-lovers including theatre artists, film makers, poets, painters and writers, who were struggling in their own field, had been participated in the first THEATRE LAB (we say it 'zero batch'). It was a cost –free and rather more interactive process then, than to be a theatre pedagogy. The one-week long training was able to provide the basic knowledge about acting along with dramaturgy, aesthetics, theories, production process and play direction. The participant had prepared 6 different short-plays as output of the workshop. As the event got positive response and became reputed in field of theatre training, Mandala started the THEATRE LAB as its regular theatre class where novice artists can join and start their career as theatre artist. Since and then, THEATRE LAB has been more play-production oriented and successfully completed its five seasons.


Ibsen Lab is the first batch production play of THEATRE LAB. Directed by Rajan Khatiwada, the play was a compiled version of selected plays of Henrik Ibsen, one of the greatest 20th century Norwegian playwrights. The play was performed at Mandala Natakghar as its regular show for 35 days. 15 passed out students of THEATRE LAB had acted in the play.


Plus Two School of Life is the second batch production play of THEATRE LAB. Directed by Rajan Khatiwada and Stella Van Lieshout jointly; the play depicted the problems and challenges faced by students in their college life. The play was choreographed by Sjifra Ijpma and Lisa Feij. Stella Van Lieshout, Sjirfra Ijpma and Lisa Feij aretheatre graduates and professional choreographers from Netherlands. Mandala Theatre Nepal had invited them for sharing their experiences with the students of THEATRE LAB 2.


Jaar: Bhayekai Euta Katha is the third batch production play of THEATRE LAB. Directed by veteran theatre director Sunil Pokharel, the play was originally written by Indra Bahadur Rai and adapted into drama by Khagendra Lamichhane. The play started getting a huge response from audiences since the day of its premiere on 31st October 2014 and hit the audience of city for a full month. The play was staged regularly at Mandala Theatre till 30th November 2014. Twenty-seven passed out students of THEATRE LAB 3 had acted in the play.


Sirumarani, is the fourth batch production play of THEATRE LAB. Written by Sarubhakta, renowned playwright of Nepal and the right honorable chancellor of Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, Sirumarani was directed by Dayahang Rai. The play was premiered on 28th August, 2015 at Mandala Theatre and run for three weeks. THEATRE LAB 4, the fourth season of THEATRE LAB was initiated by Rajan Khatiwada as the main trainer.


Mandala Theatre-Nepal staged the renowned Indian play Andha Yug (The Age of Darkness) written by Dharmavir Bharati with a Nepali translation at Kathmandu as the fifth batch production play. The play was premiered on 23rd December 2016 and staged until 15 January 2017 as a regular show. THEATRE LAB 5, the six month long training was facilitated by Dipal Baral (Narendra), a graduate from MS Universiity, India with Drama as major subject. Mr. Baral also has designed and directed the play where 25 theatre students had performed. The play was translated into Nepali by Rajendra Salabh.


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