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Mandala Theatre Nepal is performing a play titled- Aarop as its next change.

Aarop tells the story of a 13 year old girl who faces different experiences with the change of her body and psychological aspects. The one hour long play will also depict the girls loneliness and emotions throughout her young hood.


Following is the text version of the August-September, 2016 Newsletter of Mandala Theatre Nepal.

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Boksi Ko Ghar

Directed by Mandala-member Sulakshyan Bharati, famous Nepali actress Sarita Giri casts a spell over her audience with her solo-performance of "Boksi ko Ghar". The story engages with a girl being married to a man who is 24 years older, than her. When he dies, her father-in-law rapes her multiple times and she is being outcast as a witch.
Talking about the play and his desire to stage it, Bharati shares:

People lighting candle in the rememberance of those who are disappeared

Mandala Theatre-Nepal together with NEFAD (National Network of Families of Disappeared and Missing Nepal) invites anyone interested to join the second collaborative commemoration of artists and activists in the wake of the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances on Aug 30, 2016. On this day, Mandala's premises will feature for example arts-installations, an exhibition, an info-stall and a Sarangi-performance throughout the day. In the evening, the premier of 'Ardha Satya' (roughly translated as 'Half Truth') awaits us. This performance was developed by Creative Director, Rajan Khatiwada, in collaboration with NEFAD and others.


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