Degree Maila is the latest theatre production of Mandala Theatre Nepal. Being premiered in February 2013, the play is still running in Mandala Natakghar with houseful audiences. The play tells the story of a universal place where people are forced to dream. People love dreaming though it gives them pain. Degree Maila is a character based play where event doesn’t occur, but its’ effect upon the characters comes to the stage. This play makes you laugh and cry at same time.


A play without story and boosted by its characters inside, Degree Maila shows the contemporary reality of Nepali society. It’s a story of universal place where different kinds of people gather in their leisure time. They have some issues to discuss upon and almost free time to have fun. They enjoy with Degree Maila, a Kathmandu returned degree holder, who suggests them to have dream. He attracts people with his magic words and beautiful plans. People so much believe on him that they can tolerate minor mistakes. At the end of the play this character disappears.

Language of the Play


Time Duration of the Play

1 hour 20 Minutes (with no intermission)

Our Total Cast and Crew (for travel)

Actors- 15

Live Musicians- 4

Light Operator- 1

Director- 1

On Stage:

Bakhate:                         Bijay Baral

Bakhati:                          Sharada Adhikari

Resham Dai:                             Buddhi Tamang

Shanti Ram:                    Som Nath Khanal

Amit (DK):                     Umesh Tamang

Pitambar (Pitz):               Bikash Joshi

Phadindra (Futruke):       Mohamad Najir Husen

Pandey Sa’ab (ASI):                  Bhabesh Parajuli

Sule:                                Sulakshan Bharati

Haridev (AHW):              Suraj Yadav

Radha:                            Srijana Adhikari

Buddhi:                           Arjesh Parajuli

Sapana:                           Sirjana Subba

Degree Maila:                  Pradip Kumar Chaudhary

Storyteller:                       Saayad Ashok       

Off Stage:

Costume Design:                                Sirjana Subba

Costume Taker:                                  Mohamad Najir Husen/Sharada Adhikari

Set Design:                                         Rajan Khatiwada

Set Assistance:                                    Bijay Baral/Bhabesh Parajuli

Props:                                                          Sulakshan Bharati/Bikash Joshi

Light:                                                 Dayahang Rai/Sudam CK

Live Music:                                         Aadha Sur (Roshan Thapa, Ritesh Maharjan, Nimish Kattel and Deepak Shrestha)

Stage Manager:                                   Som Nath Khanal

Playwright:                                         Saayad Ashok

Design and Direction:                        Dayahang Rai

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