Sunkeshari is the first play Mandala Theatre Nepal produced after the inauguration of Mandala Natakghar in Anamnagar, Kathmandu.  The play was premiered at Rongo Harshe Bingo Barshe, an international theatre festival held in Dhaka, Bangladesh in November. It was the opening play of Kathmandu International Theatre Festival 2012 organized by Aarohan Gurukul.  After that the play was performed in Ritwik International Theatre Festival 2012 in West Bengal, India.

Sunkeshari is the first ever Nepali play that has been selected for three international theatre festivals within a month. The play got a huge success with its 27 regular performance in Mandala Natakghar


Sunkeshari is a play based upon an often-said folk story in Karnali, the far western region of Nepal. The play has been woven out of the complex experience of a beautiful girl with golden hair due to her celebrated beauty and voice.

Sunkeshari, a well known singer of Maaghal (a typical Nepali folk song) is widely admired for her vocal quality and attractive figure with golden hair. Having so many suitors for marriage, Sunkeshari is the most wanted girl around and beyond the nation. Prajapati, the cousin brother of Sunkeshari loves her very much and wants to marry her. He is the person who holds the authority to marry Sunkeshari according to their culture. But Sunkeshari doesn’t like his attitude. There are two others who want to marry Sunkeshari. Vikram Shahi, king of Chhinasingh and Saaimal Shahi, king of Raaskot arealso cousin brothers but both of them wish to marry with Sunkeshari. Sunkeshari leaves home choosing one of the kings. Two separate journeys start from here. One of Sunkeshari’s who faces different situations created by her own beautiness and other of Prajapati’s who determinedly goes to take back Sunkeshari home. The meeting point of these journeys creates the climax of the play.

 Language of the play

Khas and Nepali

 Duration of the play

1 hour and 15-20 minutes (without intermission)

 Our Total Cast and Crew (for travel)

Actors- 13

Live Musicians- 2

Director- 1

On Stage:

Sunkeshari Maiya:           Sirjana Adhikari

Prajapati:                         Umesh Tamang

Vikram Shahi:                 Sulakchhyan Bharati

Saaimal Shahi:                 Som Nath Khanal

Noumati:                         Sarita Giri

Laalu:                              Bijay Baral

Parwati:                           Nishma Ghimire

Jhampan:                         Buddhi Tamang

Storyteller:                       Hira Bijuli Nepali

Chorus and Soldiers:        Mohammed Najir Husen, Arjun Karki, Pradip Kumar Chaudhary, Suraj Yadav, Namrata KC and Bikash Joshi

Off Stage:

Costume:                         Sarita Giri/Hira Bijuli Nepali

Sets:                                Bijay Baral

Props:                                       Mohammed Najir Husen/Pradip Kumar Chaudhary

Light:                              Rajan Khatiwada

Live Music:                     Pooja Rai/Min Bham/Sangam Panta/Pawan Adhikari/Chandra Man Munikar/Anupam Sharma/Tulasi Khanal

Stage Manager:                Sarita Giri

Playwright:                      Satya Mohan Joshi

Design and Direction:     Rajan Khatiwada

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