As its 4th venture in proscenium Nepali theatre, Mandala Theatre Nepal producedd the play Juli Maiya in 2010. A Nepali translation and adaptation of famous naturalistic play Miss Julie by August Strindberg, this play has been showcased regularly for 15 days at DECC Hall, United World Trade Centre, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu.  Directed by Rajan Khatiwada, the play highlighted the tragic consequences of the protagonist because of the deterministic role played by the heredity and environment.

Later on this play was performed in ten major cities of Nepal during the Mandala Mobile Theatre Tour 2010. This play has been performed 25 times.


Miss Julie, a one-act tragedy, is no doubt a brutally frank portrayal of the most intimate thoughts of man and of the age-long antagonism between classes. Brutally frank, because August Strindberg strips both of their glitter, their sham and pretense, that we may see that "at bottom there's not so much difference between people and -- people."

Miss Julie inherited the primitive, intense passion of her mother and the neurotic aristocratic tendencies of her father. Added to this heritage is the call of the wild, the "intense summer heat when the blood turns to fire, and when all are in a holiday spirit, full of gladness, and rank is flung aside." Miss Julie feels, when too late, that the barrier of rank reared through the ages, by wealth and power, is not flung aside with impunity. Therein the vicious brutality, the boundless injustice of rank.

Language of the Play


Time Duration of the Play

1 hour 15 minutes (with no intermission)

Our Total Cast and Crew (for travel)

Actors- 3

Light Operator- 1

Sound Operator- 1

Scenographer- 1

Director- 1

On Stage

Dipal Baral as Jean (Jaya)

Samuna KC as Miss Julie (Juli Maiya)

Sirjana Subba as Christine (Krishna Maya)


Off Stage

Lights:                           Hira Bijuli Nepali and Kala Sangroula

Sounds:                          Prabin Khatiwada

Translation:                   Samuna KC

Design and Direction: Rajan Khatiwada

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