Ghungrieko Kapaal is another play produced by Mandala Theatre Nepal in 2011. It’s a play that can be performing in both proscenium halls and open air space too. This play was targeted for family and children. Ghungrieko Kapaal is the outcome indicator of Family Theatre, a theatre project conducted by Mandala Theatre Nepal in corporation with Passepourt Theatre Production (PTP), Denmark. The project was supported by Embassy of Denmark, DANIDA.

During the project period Mandala and MINAP, local partner of Mandala Theatre Nepal for Family Theatre, prepared two theatre productions. Ghungrieko Kapaal has been performed 20 times in 17 different places of Nepal after having its Premiere in Kathmandu on 25th November 2011.


The Story of Hetchhakuppa (a brave character of Kirat Mythology)is a well known story amongst the Kirat community of Eastern Nepal. The whole life experience of Hetchhakuppa is established as a myth. The man burn solely. He learned life with the nature and the process of learning life is being continued till the date. The story has a strong cultural significance in Kirat Community that every act and event of a man carries a relationship with it. The play Ghungrieko Kapaal (The Curly Hair) is an adapted version of the same story.It is a story of two creative and laborious sisters and their dearmost younger brother. That’s why it is a story about a family. The whole play is centered to the parentless family of two elder sisters and one younger brother who are surviving their lives by their weaving job. Despite of being orphans, they live with harmony. An evil character named Hongrayo is in the village that plays a villainous role to torture them. Hongrayo kidnaps the two sisters. The innocent and little brother now starts an adventure to rescue his sisters. He faces many struggles but carries on his journey and finally reaches his destination. It is not only a story about misery and tyrant. Furthermore it carries the value of courage and adventure. Knowledge can be gained from experience and to experience one have to contain curiosity inside is theme of the play.

This is a play especially composed for family and children. However, the story of this play is such that it entertains the audience belonging not only to child circle but equally entertains the adult and aged circle too.

Language of the Play


Time Duration of the Play

45 minutes (with no intermission)

Our Total Cast and Crew (for travel)

Actors- 4

Light Operator- 1

Sound Operator- 1

Scenographer- 1

Director- 1

On Stage:

Rajan Khatiwada as Buddhi (the boy)

Sirjana Subba as Tayama (the elder sister)/Humble Bee/Tiger

Buddhi Tamang as Hongrayo (the villain)/Butterfly/Sugarcane Merchant

Srijana Adhikari as Khiyama (the younger sister)/Butterfly/Hawk

Off Stage:

Sets:                                Bijay Baral

Set Assistance:                Suraj Yadav

Props:                             Pabita Rai

Puppets:                          Sulakchhyan Bharati

Costumes:                       Mohamad Najir Husen

Light:                                        Umesh Tamang

Sound Design:                Prabin Khatiwada

Sound Operation:           Som Nath Khanal

Playwright:                      Rajan Mukarung

Direction:                        Dayahang Rai

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