Poster of Roshomon

Acclaimed theatre artist and director of AarohanGurukul- Sunil Pokharel is back with his new play- Rashomon. Mr. Pokharel was not very active in Nepali theatre for past 3 years. Rashomon is a mysterious play based on Japanese movie with same name. The original writer of this play is Riyunosuke Aakutagawa . This play has been translated and performed in numerous languages and form in different part of the world. This time, here Nepal, it is conceptualized and directed by Sunil Pokharel.

Rashomon revolves around a murder incident and testimonials of different persons related to the incident. The surprising part is four different people describe the same incident in four different ways. We, as audience, will have to decide which one of this testimonial is true. Roshomon's literal meaning is- What is the truth?

Rashomon is 1 hour and 40 minutes longs. We can see the good old theatre artists of Gurukul like PrabinKhatiwada, Nisha Pokharel, Suresh Chand, SaritaGiri, Raj K. Pudasaini and BipinKarki in the lead roles. Since this play is joint venture of Mandala Theatre and AarohanGurukul, we can also see- BijayBaral and Pradip K Chaudhary of Mandala as main artists.

Rashomon has all drama-melodrama and the theatre charm as we expect to see in Sunil Pokharel's play. Stage is superb. Music, Sound effects and lighting all adds up to the drama of this play.

It’s very good to see two big and popular theatre groups in Nepal- AarohanGurukul and Mandala theatre have joined hands to bring this beautiful play for the audience. So don't miss it!

Rashomon will be performed at Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar everyday @ 5.15 pm (Expect Mondays) from  to from Chitra 28, 2070 (April 11,
2014) to Baisakh 27, 2071 (May 10, 2014)

(P.S: Rashomon has some scenes that dialogue that contains adultery. So we advised not to bring your children under the age of 14 to watch this play)