Poster of Live Concert

Acoustic Musical Performance is a live musical program including different genre of music. It is a debut attempt by Aadha Sur band to lunch their own musical numbers live on stage through a performance. Band is dedicated to compose and perform own composes rather than performing others’ popular music.  The program includes the variety of instruments including Guitar, Drums, Madal, Chyabrung, Murchunga, Sanai, Panche Baja, Singing Bamboo etc. The show includes the pack of 15 music numbers including the theme music of popular dramas produced by Mandala Theatre Nepal i.e. Degree Maila, Mitjyu, Lori and feature film Kabaddi which were played before and appreciated tremendously.

Aadha Sur is an independent acoustic multi genre band of dedicated young musicians. Working as theatre musician crew in its earlier days, the band was formed by youth and energetic musicians in Mandala Theatre to add aesthetics and musical value in plays through live background music on stage. Band was founded by Roshan Raj Thapa, a very talented young and energetic musician in 2012. On his journey to create more innovation in music compositions he got to meet with other band members and supporters who also shared the same compassion and enthusiasm. There are four members in the band these days.

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