Poster of Vaitarnee Cafe

Mandala theatre is performing its new play titled - "Vaitaranee Cafe" from July 24, 2015 to August 23, 2015. This play is written and directed by Daya Hang Rai and will be performed everyday expect Mondays on 5.15 PM at Mandala Theatre Hall, Anamnagar. The play is 1 hour and 40 minutes long.

About the play

"Vaitarnee Café" is an imaginary world, where one can find reincarnation. It is frequently being visited by all kind of animals who are determined to change their lives, so they can become humans in their next life. But there is a rule in this world: everyone has to accomplish an assessment via teamwork and cooperation to leave their earlier life behind and get a new one.

Preparing a drama is teamwork. The group of animals visiting the Café decide to prepare a drama to pass the test and reincarnate themselves. Lady bumble bee is the appointed stage manager for this assessment and is awaiting the animal group's arrival. They reach late and the play can finally begin…

Just like humans, animals also differ from one another. They are different due to their behavior, characteristics and abilities. And sometimes it is hard to work in a group, when there are different thoughts and different attitudes. This is also the case amongst the animals in the Vaitarnee Café. But if we accept each other like we are, we can truly engage in teamwork and reach our goal together. Also the animals come to a common conclusion and follow their strong desire to reincarnate as human-beings.

There is a group of bees in this play, renowned for their hard work, cooperation and their success to realize their visions. Vaitarnee Café is an outcome of such sincere and laborious characters.

Bookings and Tickets

You can call Mandala Theatre at 014249761 everyday from 10 am - 4 pm to book tickets for shows.

General tickets are priced at Rs. 200, Specials tickets at Rs. 300. There are 112 seats in Mandala and 35% of those seats are reserved for students. Students can purchase tickets at Rs. 100 by showing a valid student ID at counter.