Poster of Jaar

Its our immense pleasure to inform you that Mandala Theatre Nepal has started performing the play “Jaar: Bhayekai Euta Katha” at Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar. The play has been prepared as the production play of Theatre Lab 3, a short term theatre training conducted by Mandala Theatre Nepal in June- September 2014. The three month long training was initiated by theatre director Sunil Pokharel, who himself is the director of this play. Almost all trainee actors from Theatre Lab 3 has acted in the play.

“Jaar: Bhayekai Euta Katha” is a story of a village from eastern Nepal. Story of love, relation, society and dilemma has been presented through the play. The story is originally written by Indra Bahadur Rai and has been adapted into play by Khagendra Lamichhane. The play is designed and directed by Sunil Pokharel.

The play has been premiered on Friday, October 31st and is running successfully at Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar. The play will be staged till 16th November every day with the exception of Mondays.

We cordially invite you to watch the play.

Please download the electronic brochure of JAAR from Download Page.